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Garden Goodness

My selfish days of last summer are a thing of the past. No more can I wake at 5 am and sew till it is dark or spend all afternoon in my garden, pulling weeds and napping with the kidders. This year I’ve given my afternoons to helping with the produce wagon at the farm and my evenings are spent with Jason that leaves me with the morning, my favorite time of the day!

Since I have several interests lying else where my garden is somewhat lacking and not quite as spectacular as last year. That and the fact that we have not had much rain and I believe I may have seed maggots! I’ve replanted carrots, beets, sunflowers, beans and broccoli more than I care to count and if I am lucky one or two seeds sprout. My concoction of neem oil and liquid castele soap seems to be doing the trick with the Japanese Beetles…my arch nemesis! I should apply the solution more than I have been, I just keep getting side tracked with other tasks. Let’s face it, if it’s not on my list it will probably never get done! I am such a list maker. Sometimes I even end up with lists for my lists!

This year I opted to grow a new veggie, eggplant. I really enjoy eggplant parm, especially when made by my girl Justine! Her’s is DA BOMB! The plant is doing very well and I have my first eggplant almost ready for the picking! The blossoms are just stunning!

From the wisdom of farmer Josh I used my tomato cages for my cucumbers to vine on and it is working wonderfully! This is such a great space saver since I also have butternut squash, zucchini and watermelon growing in that same end of the garden.

I lost my original watermelon earlier in the year and never got around to replacing it. Then one day putzin’ around I noticed familiar vine creeping along the fencing. A seed had sprouted from one of last years rotten melons! Yea for good garden karma!

I expanded my selection of beans this year to include green sleeves, stringless green pods and trionfo viotetto. I also have contenders, which I grew last year. The purple beans are not only tasty but beautiful as well!

Last year I lost the battle for the sunflowers. The bunnies and squirrels loved the tender juicy young sprouts and would chew them right down to the dirt! This year the seed maggots have been giving me trouble with my mammoth variety but the strawberry blonds have been blooming everywhere! Jason finds them to be a bit gothic looking, I think they are absolutely stunning!


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