Hide and Seek

I woke up this morning, once again my alarm did not go off so maybe it is time for a new one. I came downstairs, made coffee and settled in at my desk to read my email. I have a few site I check regularly for activity, this being one of them. I click on my blog and much to my surprise several of my uploaded images are gone!?! WTF?? I am missing my coneflower skirt from yesterday and all the images I posted in the previous entry are gone. Well, not completely gone as there is still a white outline where an image *should* be. When you click on that white line the image magically appears in a new window. Ummmm hello, not the same, why did they turn invisible on me? What is this hide and seek game they are playing and how do I make them stop???


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  1. J

    Sorry I have been out of touch. Expect and email fairly soon.

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