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Hide and Seek

I woke up this morning, once again my alarm did not go off so maybe it is time for a new one. I came downstairs, made coffee and settled in at my desk to read my email. I have a few site I check regularly for activity, this being one of them. I click on my blog and much to my surprise several of my uploaded images are gone!?! WTF?? I am missing my coneflower skirt from yesterday and all the images I posted in the previous entry are gone. Well, not completely gone as there is still a white outline where an image *should* be. When you click on that white line the image magically appears in a new window. Ummmm hello, not the same, why did they turn invisible on me? What is this hide and seek game they are playing and how do I make them stop???


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Spirit Crushing Humidity

What ever happened to the gradual season change? I feel like we skip right over spring every year, temperature wise that is. This years cold winter nights refused to go away right up till the beginning of May. We then had a few weeks of below normal temps during the day and lots of cold rain! Now only 2 weeks later it is almost into the triple digits! I feel like we just took the express elevator to summer! I was not ready for this kind of a system shock, old people are gonna start dropping like flies!

Today was a market day and of course Jason and I were out late last night for First Friday and the Artist Reception at the museum. We didn’t hear the alarm screaming at 4 am to get up. I’m blaming it on the fan in the window! 🙂 We were however cutting spring mix by 6:30. Being in the middle of a quiet field just after day break really is magical. I love sitting quietly watching the world wake up. We had to finish the row of Spring Mix for fear it would be bitter if left growing another week and ended up having 63 bags, I think, I hadn’t had my coffee yet. 🙂 We then picked strawberries for another 2 hours. Thankfully we were finishing up our 32 quart quota when the spirit crushing humidity rolled in. I was in jeans and they were beginning to stick!

I have some super exciting news to share, drum roll please…….I will be vending the Rothbury Festival with Justine!!! YEA!!! Ok, I am super excited, nervous and a little freaked about all the inventory I have to make. We are talking about 50,000 people and I want to have something for everyone! I have less than a month to prepare but I’ve decided I’m not getting too worked up. I am a one woman operation and I can only do so much. I have been sticking to my routine and getting up at 5am to start sewing. I had a surge in creativity that has left me with a ton of ideas! Its been a while since I’ve done any appliqué work so I decided that would be my focus for a while. I wanted to create some pieces that would be more everyday ware rather than festival threads or patchwork.

The Mushroom Skirt fabric is a light weigh hemp muslin that I dyed using a low water immersion technique. This was my first time dying fabric this way so I was not sure what the end result would be. I was overly please with how the colors had blended and softened. Earthy tones are my favorite! I also constructed the mushroom appliqué from hand dyed hemps.

The skirt adorned with the butterfly is also hand dyed hemp, but this was done in my washing machine. It is much more time consuming process but yields a more even dye. This color was labeled maroon brown. It kind of reminds me of a washed red wine stain. mmmmm wine. 🙂

The last of my hemp summer skirts features an all hemp appliqué of cone flowers, also known as echinacea. I love the way the petals seem to pop off the eggplant background!

I probably wont get any sewing done today. It has been a physically draining day in the heat, I think I am going to put my ac units in the windows and get some cleaning done. The heat and humidity are to continue for the next few days…at least my gardens happy about that!

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