My Week in Review

Well, I’m back, so this blog must be a go. 🙂 I’ve actually been blogging this entire week only it has all been in my head. Too bad I can’t hook up a USB cable to my brain and vomit it all onto the computer screen.

I’ve been busy this past week filling my time with a myriad of activities. None of which were sewing for my website or working on my list of custom orders, that I am so far behind on. It all started last Friday, the 16th. Jason had been dropping hints that I should enter the Lancaster Summer Arts Festival with him. So after much back and forth I decided to go ahead and enter. Now the decision on what to create?? The only media not accepted was photography so I put the hamster in the wheel and started running through ideas. After much deliberation I decided to create a Lancaster County Farmland Patchwork Skirt inspired by an areal view of Lancaster County Farmland. Duh, what could be better than that? I love patchwork and happen to live right in the middle of an area that looks just like patchwork!! So it began, I was cutting, stitching and riding my creative high, only occasionally taking a break to check on the progress of Jason and his sculpture. After several ripped seams and revisions my skirt turned into a wall hanging giving me a much better chance of placing in the competition and better yet selling my piece. So we, which translates into Jason, built the stretcher and frame. The final product:

“Lancaster County Farmland Ariel View Patchwork”

My inspiration:

My artist statement:

Living in Lancaster County provides a wonderful pallet of inspiration. I used an aerial photograph of local farmland as a template for this patchwork wall hanging. I selected fabrics for this piece that would best represent the landscape. By using corduroy with various wales, I was able to create the illusion of plowed fields and rows of growing produce and plants. I wanted the printed fabrics to contain flowers, sticks, leaves and other organic matter found in farm fields. All seams were straight stitched and serged.

I am beyond excited about my latest creative adventure! I have to wait until June 6th, which is the First Friday artist reception to see if my wall hanging made it into the competition. Ultimately you want to be in the main room of the museum. That is where the best submissions will be displayed. Everything else will be crammed upstairs into the other rooms. Ahhh sweet anticipation!

UPDATE: I made it into the main room!!! WOO HOO!! Not bad for my first entry into a fine art competition. Jason’s sculpture, which is amazing and thought provoking, was placed in the second room so that kind of sucked!

I spent several days last week planting my garden. Usually it would have just been a day but with all the rain and cold weather I had to work intermittently, often taking shelter in my garden shed from the sudden outbursts of rain. This year I’ve expanded from an 8′ X 30′ plot to 18′ X 30′. I am sooooo excited for my seeds to begin sprouting. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than the tender love needed to care for my plants. Knowing that in only a few short weeks my hard work will become 90% of my diet!

I know it doesn’t look like much right now but in a few weeks this plot will be thriving with plant life…and hopefully a garden spider or two! This year I planted 5 varieties of tomatoes, 7 different types of peppers, over half being spicy and hot, just the way I like it! 🙂 I have 3 types of peas and 4 kinds of beans, carrots, mescaline, arugula, butter crunch lettuce, strawberries, beets, radishes, zucchini, butternut squash, watermelon, eggplant, cucumber, chives, 2 kinds of broccoli and several different herbs. I’ve already been able to pick a few berries and use some of my chives in recent meals.

This Memorial Day weekend was the first time I missed the annual Spring Hookahville Music Festival in Thornville OH. Vending my wares is bittersweet. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than to see someone wearing something that I created. When I hear someone say “Pixy Patch, Hey I know you, I check out your website all the time!” I am pretty sure that in that moment I glow and my soul shines just a little brighter! I also get a weekend full of quality girlfriend time with my stitchin’ sisters. This is usually the only time I get to see these beautiful ladies. We talk, we party, we sell our threads. Now what you ask is so bad about vending? The sudden drenching rain that turns everything into a muddy mess. Or how about the wet camp fire aroma that seems to permeate everything for weeks to come! Usually the music plays into the wee hours of the morning so our booth is open and ready for business. I happen to be a morning person through and through, so by 10 pm my ass is dragging, hard! My less than comfy air mattress is calling for me and I want nothing more than to answer. I fight off sleep so that I can help close the booth taking comfort in the fact I will be sleeping soon….but it is never soon enough. 🙂 This year I attended the 420 Jam Fest in Gore, Va with Justine, my vending partner and favorite mama, but I fear it will be my only show. The rising cost of gas and outrageous vending fees have made it less than desirable to set out on yet another musical road trip. My heart sank earlier this weekend when I got into my car and the Hookahville directions from years past fell from my visor into my lap. I sat there for a moment pondering what I would have been doing if I were there with Nature and Justine. Maybe I will be able to venture out for a late summer or fall show if I start saving my pennies now…fingers crossed!

Well, that’s enough mid morning rambling for now…time to get stitchin!


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  1. You totally SHOULD have come! It might have changed the weekend entirely!

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